Help end live transport for slaughter

  • The International League for the Protection of Horses is calling for people to take part in the EC’s online consultation on the live transport of horses being held from 2 – 16 December.

    The EU scientific committee adopted a report earlier this year that concluded that both the health and welfare of animals could be substantially affected by long distance transport.

    For many years the ILPH has been lobbying both the EC and European governments to improve the conditions faced by horses and donkeys during their harrowing trips into Europe for slaughter.

    Keith Meldum, ILPH European Adviser said: “We are delighted that the Commission has set up the online consultation to allow EU citizens to participate in the decision making process. This is indeed an encouraging proactive response to the thousands of letters they have received on the issue of animal welfare during transport.

    “It is really good news and shows just how seriously Commissioner Byrne is taking thetransportation issue. I’m sure that the online debate will serve to highlight the overwhelming public support for stopping the long distance transport of animals for slaughter altogether.”

    The ILPH is asking anyone concerned aboutthe effects of long distant transport on any animal for slaughter, to take part in this consultation log on to http://europa.eu.int/comm/food/index_en.html between 2 to 16 December.

    For more information on the work done by the ILPH visit www.ilph.org

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