Happy ending in ‘perfect home’ for Shetland who lost his best friend

  • A Shetland who lost his best friend and had to be parted from his elderly owner has found a new beginning at the age of 31 after being rehomed by an equine charity.

    Tin Tan was taken into the care of the Blue Cross after his owner was taken ill and he also lost his companion of 15 years, fellow Shetland Dimmo, who had to be put down because of ill health.

    On his arrival, the charity discovered Tin Tan was suffering from Cushing’s disease and as a result had lost weight and had some laminitic changes to his feet.

    Staff at Blue Cross Rolleston made sure he was fed three times a day to help him regain condition at a steady pace while also having his time in at grass restricted to minimise the risk of laminitis.

    Verity Anderton-Johnson, the centre’s horse rehoming coordinator, said: “X-rays showed Tin Tan had very healthy feet for his age and blood tests revealed his hormone levels could be managed with daily medication, which was fantastic news.

    “We also put him on a diet plan with a specialist feed that didn’t contain too much sugar, as a high sugar diet could set his laminitis off.”

    To help Tin Tan through losing Dimmo, he was paired with a new companion, Snoopy, who the centre hoped he would bond with.


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    The two ponies were carefully introduced by swapping their droppings, which allowed them to get used to one another’s scent.

    “The next stage was to allow them to see each other through a gate, and once we were happy they would be comfortable we let Snoopy in with Tin Tan. It wasn’t long before the pair became best friends,” Verity said.

    The Blue Cross said the ponies have now found a home together with an owner who understands Tin Tan’s medical needs.

    “We’re really pleased that they have found the perfect home,” Verity added.

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