‘Saddest looking donkey’ with ‘no hair’ on the road to recovery

  • A donkey found in Spain with hardly any hair is the saddest looking that Donkey Sanctuary staff had ever seen.

    Flor was found in a town in southern Spain, when a neighbour alerted staff at El Refugio del Burrito about her neglect.

    “She had virtually no hair, her skin was infected, her body covered in wounds and crawling with flies,” said Chus Moreno of the Spanish branch of the international animal welfare charity.

    “She came to us easily and quietly as if she knew we were there to help.

    “I was so sad for her, but kept telling myself she was finally safe, which was the most important thing.”

    Flor was taken straight away to an isolation area at the sanctuary to ensure she was not contagious before she was introduced to the rest of the herd.

    She was treated daily with medicated lotions and bathed with anti-bacterial shampoo.

    Now turned out with plenty of shade and good quality food, she is making good progress.

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    Tests show there are no underlying serious health issues or any viral or contagious skin disease.

    Veterinary staff assume the alopecia and poor skin condition are due to the conditions in which Flor was kept and lack of care.

    It will be many months before the donkey’s skin is fully healed.

    The Donkey Sanctuary has 10 sanctuaries around the UK and Europe providing lifelong care to more than 6,000 donkeys and mules.

    It also helps donkeys in other countries including Mexico, Peru, Egypt, Ethiopia, Romania, Portugal and India.

    The charity’s outreach service provides veterinary care and advice on nutrition, housing, working hours, weight of load and welfare-friendly harness and cart design.

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