Going to the dogs

  • The biggest Greyhound event ever, ‘Greyhound 2000, A Millennium Celebration’, will take place in Newmarket from 10-14 December.

    Greyhound 2000 will bring together showing, racing and coursing and includes:

  • The first 128-dog coursing stake for more than 100 years.
  • A full day’s pedigree greyhound showing, including the first ever Champion Greyhound of the Year competition,
  • An evening’s track racing at nearby Mildenhall,
  • An exhibition of famous greyhounds and their associated memorabilia dating back into the 19th century.

    Alliance chief executive Richard Burge described the event as unique: “We encourage people to go and see country sports such as this for themselves, especially if they have never been before.”

    For further information about Greyhound 2000 call 07976 767088 or 01327 361787 or visit the Countryside Alliance web site at www.countryside-alliance.org

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