Get relief from back pain with H&H co-buys

  • Back pain is not uncommon among riders, and while few of us want to pop pills on a regular basis, who wouldn’t like to keep the pain in check during a busy day with the horses, at work or just out and about?

    Our next co-buy gives you the chance to grab ThermaCare HeatWraps for Lower Back and Hip. This product provides targeted pain relief, warming the muscle exactly where it hurts. Wear the discreet wrap, which fits under your normal clothes, for eight hours and it will offer soothing relief from back pain for up to twice as long.

    ThermaCare HeatWraps are made of soft layers of comfortable material that contain patented heat cell technology. The wraps cleverly use the heat generating ingredients of iron, charcoal, salt and water that react on contact with oxygen to produce heat. Once heated, ThermaCare HeatWraps stay warm for up to eight hours, penetrating deeply to relax tight muscles and help improve circulation.

    So if you suffer from back pain make sure you sign up for an email alert at www.horseandhound.co.uk/co-buys/ so you don’t miss out when this co-buy goes live. And if you have a friend who struggles with their back, let them know so they can also grab themselves a bargain.

    Don’t forget that we are still wanting your requests for future co-buys, so why not suggest a product via the forum, facebook comments (below) and using #HHwishlist on twitter.

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