Get a Fairfax Performance girth with Horse & Hound’s co-buys

  • Horse & Hound’s first co-buy will be the exciting Fairfax Performance long dressage girth. This revolutionary girth was used by members of the British Olympic team in London and kept top secret until after the games to ensure our rivals did not benefit from its innovative features.

    The girth is extravagantly shaped to avoid peak pressure points behind the point of elbow and features a patented ‘floating edge’ to guide the muscles back under the girth. The girth is lined with Prolite, a flexible cushioning material made by Fairfax Saddles, which is already used in saddle pads and numnahs.

    Scientific tests have shown that horses move more symmetrically and with an improved range of movement when the Fairfax Performance girth is combined with their normal saddle (see video below).

    There will be a limited number of these fantastic girths available in this co-buy, so we expect it to sell out fast with significant savings on the normal £240 price. Register now for an email alert so you will be informed the moment the co-buy goes live on Monday 29 October, or you may miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

    Watch the girth being tested

    H&H’s dressage editor Alice Collins’s review

    Alice tried the girth with her five-year-old Faconnable, who was competing at British Dressage novice level and working towards elementary at the time.

    “I like that this girth is cut back behind the elbows, but I didn’t notice any difference in my mare’s usual reaction when girthing her.

    “I schooled in the girth a couple of times before a weekend competition. My horse is very short-coupled, and drops her back and draws her neck up and back towards me, especially in competition.

    “Using this girth, I found she was more willing to stay up through the centre of her body, with her neck forward and down, and dropping the quarters a little to make a bridge, rather than me feeling I am riding a ditch.

    “We competed at Classic Dressage in Buckinghamshire in the novice restricted classes and won both. It was 32°C and she scored 68.46% in the first test and 69.58% in the qualifier. This was our highest ever novice score. To achieve decent percentages in two tests is unusual, as we usually bomb in the first.

    “Would I buy this girth? Yes, especially if I had a sensitive horse — I think it would help.”

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