Football manager Harry Redknapp offers to rehome Russian donkey

  • Former England footballer and Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp has reportedly offered a home to the Russian donkey that was cruelly attached to a parachute in Russia.

    The donkey was made to parasail for half an hour above the sea in Southern Russia as part of a publicity stunt to attract tourists to a private beach.

    Earlier this week Russian police confirmed they would not be charging those responsible as the donkey was found to be unhurt after its traumatic ordeal.

    The incident caused global outcry from animal charities and donkey lovers worldwide, including French actress Brigitte Bardot, who called for harsher penalties.

    And Harry has reportedly agreed to look after the donkey.

    “If she can be brought over to England, I’d find her a place in a field to live and be well cared for,” Harry told the Sun newspaper.

    “It sickens me when I read about how some people think they can just use animals as toys for their amusement and then throw them away or abuse them when they’ve had their fun.

    “Donkeys, horses, foxes, birds — I’m passionate about caring for them in the right way. I’m in the process of trying to set up my own sanctuary near where I live in Hampshire.

    “A friend and I are working towards finding some space to make sure we can at least give some lucky animals a good home.”

    However the Donkey Sanctuary said it would “not transport this donkey to the UK due to the welfare implications and stress involved of such a long-distance journey”.

    But a spokesman added: “We are in a position to offer a sanctuary for life to the donkey at our rescue centre in Romania, which has specialist facilities and expert staff to care for donkeys.”

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