Foal rescued from slurry pit [PICS]

  • A seven-month-old foal has had lucky escape after falling into a slurry pit in Shropshire.

    The fire service was called at approximately 8.30am on Monday morning (8 December) to farmland near Wellington when the foal was discovered.

    Two crews, including a special animal rescue team from Wellington, attended to help to rescue the foal, which had gone through fencing and fallen in.

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    “When we first arrived we had to lay down ladders across the pit and use an inflatable platform to work on,” said watch manager Craig Jackson.

    “We have specialist animal rescue kit which allows us to put slings underneath stuck animals and then we can either use a lift or manually pull them out.

    “In this case because the pony was quite small we were able to do it manually.”

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    Once the youngster was removed from the pit, a vet was called as he had a bad gash on his leg.

    “The pony was very tired and distressed,” Mr Jackson said.

    “When he was first discovered only his nostrils were above the mud.”

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    Mr Jackson urges all owners to make sure that any areas that might be dangerous to livestock are well protected.

    “With slurry pits it is really important to make sure that they are well covered with something substantial,” Mr Jackson added.

    “In this case it was an old pit and it was unclear whose land the it was on which is why it was not properly covered.

    “Animals, especially younger ones, are often inquisitive and will find a way through fencing.”

    The team at Wellington have been involved in multiple large animal rescues over the past two years. In another case in September the crew had to sedate and winch free a horse which had become stuck on a gate.

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