Explorer’s 8,000 mile horseback odyssey nears conclusion

  • After 8,000 miles an epic solo horseback journey from Mongolia to Hungary is about to come to an end for Australian adventurer Tim Cope.

    Tim, 28, set off on his mammoth journey in June 2004, and has now become the first person in 800 years to ride the route taken by Gengis Khan’s mounted warriors. He has been riding a 14-year-old gelding called Taskonir that he bought in Kazakhstan, and travels with two pack horses.

    To greet Tim as he arrives at his destination of Opusztaszer national heritage park in Hungary on 22 September will be Scottish long-distance rider Gordon Naysmith, who rode 14,000km from South Africa to Austria in the early 1970s.

    Founder of The Long Riders’ Guild CuChullaine O’Reilly said: “This meeting is really going to be one for the record books — both of these men have completed journeys which almost defy belief.”

    According to Tim’s website the purpose of his trip was to learn about the nomad way of life.

    The website states: “The nomads of the Eurasian steppe were the first people in history to tame and ride horses. Horsemanship may be considered the greatest contribution by nomads to the modern world.”

    For more information on Tim’s adventure visit www.timcopejourneys.com

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