Equitherm brings infrared imaging of horses to Ireland

  • Northamptonshire-based equine thermography specialists Equitherm is branching out into Ireland.

    The company, based at the Aston-le-Walls eventing centre will hold its first certification training course in the Republic from 27 September to 1 October at the Mount Juliet country hotel in Co Kilkenny.

    Equine thermography is the use of high-specification hand-held infrared cameras to image horses and identify hot spots that could indicate injury or illness

    The company claims some common conditions can be detected up to two weeks before they become physically apparent.

    Equitherm is an expert in the training and use of infra-red cameras for all sections of the equine industry and is delighted to be running their first course in Ireland.

    Director of Equitherm Sandie Chambers said: “We have had many requests to run training courses in Ireland and I am really excited that we are about to run our first course.

    “Thermography is a really valuable and simple tool to monitor the physical condition of a horse and detect any irregularities before they become serious. We’re really looking forward to introducing it to the equine industry in Ireland.”

    Equitherm also runs training courses in the UK, South Africa, Canada, Dubai and the USA.

    For more information visit www.equitherm.com or call Sandie on 01926 485 221 or email: sandie.c@equitherm.com

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