Equine thermography — the hot Christmas gift

  • Think your horse is hot stuff? Then a thermal image of him could be just the thing to top your Christmas wish list.

    Equitherm Diagnostics, based in Warwickshire, uses hand-held infrared cameras to photograph horses to detect irregularities in their thermal patterns for veterinary purposes — a process known as equine thermography.

    Irregularities show up as hot or cold spots and can be an early indication of injury or illness.

    But the images produced have proved so attractive that many customers are asking for printouts to frame or give as gifts.

    Sandie Chambers, director of Equitherm, explained: “When owners see the images they are amazed by how the camera presents the horse in such a unique way.

    “The colours and shapes create a fantastic image and have proven so popular we’ve started offering them as a new service.”

    • For more information on equine thermography visit www.equitherm.com or call Sandie, tel: 01926 485 221

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (10 December, ’09)

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