Equine welfare voice in parliament

A group of supportive MPs has formed a British Horse Society-backed all-party parliamentary group to promote important issues in equine welfare.

The group will be chaired by rider, racing enthusiast and BHS trustee Robin Cook, MP for Livingston. Vice-chairmen will be Lady Winterton, MP for Congleton, andBrecon and Radnorshire member Roger Williams. Also active in the group will be Mark Todd, MP for South Derbyshire, and Laurence Robertson (Tewkesbury).

The group will have the task of monitoring proposed legislation and making other members of the Commons aware of potential implications for the equine industry.

Members will also table Early Day Motions, a parliamentary process designed to draw the house’s attention to particular issues, and will take part in Private Member’s Bill ballots.

BHS spokesman Wendy Peckham says: “The group will give the horse industry a place in the Commons chamber itself and make sure that our interests are fully represented.”

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