Equine vets highly valued by horse owners

  • Equine vets received a positive boost at the start of the new year, as recent research shows they are highly valued by horse owners.

    When owners were asked about equine injuries and the relationship with their equine vet, the results were positive, showing that more than 80% of owners were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their vet.

    Seventy-four per cent of owners find their vets very receptive to their suggestions about treatment and management.

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    “It is very encouraging for us to confirm that equine vets are held in such high esteem and to have confirmation about how closely owners work with their vets to decide on treatment and rehabilitation options,” said Ian Thirkell, of Applied Microcurrent Technology, the company behind the ArcEquine, which ran the survey.

    “Significant musculoskeletal injuries are common in horses, and over 99% of the owners in our survey report the need to call their equine vet for advice or a visit.

    “This new data also confirms the importance of the relationship between owner, equine vet and insurer in what is a crucial aspect of ensuring that working horses and ponies at every level enjoy the best of health and wellbeing, which will underpin both maximum performance and enjoyment.”

    H&H vet consultant Karen Coumbe added: “This is a good start to the new year, knowing that vets are properly appreciated. Long may it last.”

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