End of The Long Horse Ride is in sight

  • A 63-year-old former geography teacher from Wales is nearing the end of an epic four-year endurance ride that has seen her trek more than 8000km from Beijing to London on horseback for charity.

    Megan Lewis set out from Beijing after the 2008 Olympics and plans to arrive in London in time for the start of the 2012 Games in a fortnight.

    She has so far raised more than £2,600 for the children’s charity Challenge Aid.

    Megan’s ride to the UK has taken her through China, Kazakhstan, Russia, the Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, Germany and France on various borrowed horses, including one rescued from a meat market.

    It took her five months to cross China during which time she was accompanied by members of Chinese Equestrian Association, who also provided her with a horse.

    “You see quite a lot other people don’t get to see,” said Megan.

    “We stayed in small hotels, houses, truck stops. I fell off 10 days after leaving Beijing and broke some ribs and had to go to hospital.”

    Megan has now reached UK shores and is preparing for the last leg of
    her trip.

    She set out from Newhaven last Saturday (14 July) heading for London aboard her Arab, Zorbee.

    Megan plans to arrive at Mount Mascal stables in Bexley, London, next Saturday
    (21 June) in time for the Olympic torch parade before riding on to Greenwich to complete the expedition.

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