Emergency convention to Stop HS2 planned

  • Countryside lovers are being urged to attend an emergency national convention to learn more about the planned HS2 high-speed rail link that is set to devastate dozens of hunts, equestrian events and businesses (news 30 December 2010).

    The meeting will take place on Saturday 19 February at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire — home to the British Equestrian Federation and one of the sites at risk if the planned route is approved.

    It has been organised by Stop HS2, a group campaigning against the planned upgraded trainline between London and Birmingham, costing a reported £34billion.

    “We are facing the greatest threat to our country for many years,” said Stop HS2 chairman Lizzy Williams.

    “Not enough people know about HS2 and we need to spread the word before it is too late.”

    Speakers include Britain’s leading transport commentator Christian Wolmar and the Green Party’s Professor John Whitelegg.

    Tickets cost £12. For more information visit: www.stophs2.org

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