Emaciated pony dumped with severe injury

  • A pony has been put down after being found abandoned with a serious leg injury.

    The grey mare, thought to be approximately nine years old, was discovered on Bramshot Lane in Fleet on 11 October.

    The Welsh section A was emaciated and had suffered a severe injury.

    “When I arrived a very kind member of the public had confined the pony and was keeping her company,” said RSPCA inspector Nicola Denham.

    “The poor mare was not only very thin, it was clear she was in severe pain with one of her back legs. Despite this, she was so friendly and sweet.”

    Inspector Denham called an equine vet to examine the pony.

    The vet found that the injury to the mare’s leg was most likely caused several weeks before from a high impact trauma, possibly caused by a vehicle.

    The injury was “beyond repair” so the vet decided that the kindest thing to do was to put the horse down to end her suffering.

    “It is so shocking to think someone can just dump a pony like this, with such a bad injury that has now resulted in weeks of suffering,” added inspector Denham.

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    “The pony wasn’t microchipped so at the moment we don’t know who was responsible — but somebody has allowed this poor pony to needlessly suffer and then callously abandoned her on the roadside which is completely unacceptable.

    “I am so grateful to the kind lady who found this pony, who she nicknamed Trixie, and sat comforting her until I could get a vet out. It’s extremely tough to witness an animal suffering but this lady certainly made the pony’s last hour or so more comfortable and showed her love and kindness.”

    Inspector Denham is urging anybody with any information about this pony to contact her in confidence, by leaving her a message on the RSPCA’s inspector’s appeal line: 0300 123 8018.

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