Advanced event lost from Scottish calendar

  • Four-star eventer Louisa Milne Home is among those disappointed by the change

    Scottish riders have suffered a further blow to the eventing calendar with the announcement that another advanced class has been cancelled.

    The organisers of Eglinton Horse Trials, Barskimming — held in early July — have made the decision to only run up to open intermediate in 2015.

    “Sadly over the last few years support for this class has dwindled to the point where running it isn’t really viable,” said a spokesman for the event.

    “Having talked to some of our regular competitors, our date in the calendar makes the open intermediate a much more attractive choice in terms of preparation for their horses.”

    The organisers believe this decision will allow them to concentrate on improving the existing courses. There are plans to re-route and upgrade parts of the intermediate track with help from Ian Stark.

    Some Scottish eventers and fans took to social media to express their disappointment.

    “Such a shame to lose what I feel is one of the best advanced courses there is,” said four-star eventer Louisa Milne Home (pictured top competing at Aske Horse Trials).

    “The horses love jumping it as do I. Even more sad is that there will only be one advanced in Scotland next year.

    “One very sad competitor and huge lose to Scottish Eventing.”

    “Sad that you haven’t had the entries to keep the class viable,” added Eliza Mather.

    “ I always loved watching and walking the advanced track — I’ll never jump anything like it, but loved having a local event where I could watch that level of riding.”

    Last month it was announced that BE had decided to remove Auchinleck Horse Trials, Ayrshire from the calendar. The event had previously run up to advanced, but only ran up to novice for the 2014 season.

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