Dressage rider Andrew Gould stuck in Egypt due to volcanic ash

  • Dressage rider Andrew Gould is stuck in Egypt after all flights were cancelled due to the volcanic ash.

    Andrew is on holiday with his wife Polly and their two children, as well as Katie Price, who he trains, and her family.

    “We were meant to come home today (Tuesday 20 April),” Polly told H&H. “But we have no idea how or when we’ll be able to get back to the UK — people are saying it could be weeks.

    “We are looking into options at the moment and we are discussing finding a private charter with everyone at the resort, but that would cost about £1,000 each. We’re losing money every day as our insurance doesn’t cover natural disasters.

    “We left for Egypt just after the Nationals for a nice easy break. We’ve had a lovely holiday out here with the kids, the weather’s been gorgeous and it’s been very relaxing but now Andrew’s anxious to get back to his horses and competition.

    “It’s really stressful. We have grooms looking after the horses, they are all fine and it’s good for them to have a break but Andrew has shows coming up, his teaching commitments and the London Marathon on Sunday (25 April) and we just don’t know if he’ll be back.

    “At this rate Andrew might have to start training camels!”

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