Donkeys have feet trimmed with carpenter’s chisel

  • Two donkeys are recovering at The Donkey Sanctuary after their owner trimmed their hooves with a carpenter’s chisel.

    The stallions were found with seriously damaged hooves after the owner’s botched attempt at farriery.

    RSPCA inspectors in North Wales approached the owner several months ago, noticing the donkeys had long feet and were underweight.

    The owner was advised to have a farrier visit the donkeys, but didn’t make the necessary arrangements so the pair were signed over to the Donkey Sanctuary last month.

    But before the animals were collected, the owner attempted to trim their feet with a chisel, causing serious damage.

    They have been taken to the charity’s centre in Derbyshire for a programme of concentrated farriery in an attempt to rectify the problems.

    Chris Pile, manager of the Derbyshire centre, said: “Sadly, these donkeys have experienced years of neglect and are seriously underweight.

    “That, coupled with the dreadful injuries that have been inflicted upon their feet, means that it is going to take a great deal of professional care to bring these lovely animals back to full health. Despite all they have experienced, both donkeys have lovely natures and are learning to trust humans again.”

    For more information visit: www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk

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