Donkey stabbed in fight makes good recovery

  • A donkey stabbed in the neck during a dispute between two men is making a good recovery thanks to the work of The Donkey Sanctuary.

    Misu’s (shown being treated right) injuries were inflicted when the four-year-old was stabbed twice during a row between neighbouring farmers in Cernavoda, Romania.

    The Donkey Sanctuary’s Andrew Judge said: “When we first came across Misu he was in a very bad condition. The hair on his neck was missing and red raw, and I could see the two stab wounds — one behind each ear — which were weeping a large amount of pus.

    “When we started clipping the hair from the donkey’s neck to get to the wounds, it became clear that the situation was much worse than anticipated; there were more maggots than hair. After an hour of treatment and antibiotic injections we had finished and the donkey looked much more comfortable.

    “Misu’s owner told us that he would not have been able to afford to treat his donkey himself, and without this treatment Misu almost certainly would have died.”

    The Donkey Sanctuary has been working to improve the lot of donkeys in Romania since 2007.

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