Donkey Sanctuary workshop tour dates announced

  • The Donkey Sanctuary has announced its 2011 workshop tour dates.

    The new “D is for Donkey” tour is a series of free donkey care workshops to be held across the UK.

    Experts from the charity will cover diet, worming and daily checks.

    “We’ve all heard the old adage ‘you are what you eat’, but have you ever stopped to think exactly how this may also be true for your donkey?” said Ben Hart the Sanctuary’s donkey care training manager.

    “We will be giving practical tips on feeding and showing how to create the correct diet for your donkey. We’ll also be looking at parasite control including worming, pasture management and learning how to assess you donkey’s health and manage his daily care.”

    The tour dates and destinations are:

    Saturday 9 April — Lanark
    Wednesday 20 April — Nottingham
    Saturday 7 May — Leeds
    Saturday 14 May — Kent
    Thursday 26 May — Devon
    Friday 17 June — Essex
    Thursday 23 June — South Wales
    Saturday 9 July — Hampshire
    Saturday 23 July — North East England
    Saturday 20 August — Northern Ireland
    Friday 23 September — Derbyshire
    Saturday 24 September — Derbyshire
    Saturday 8 October — Manchester

    For more information contact: 01395 578222.

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