Donkey foal saved by primary school children in India

  • A donkey foal in Solapur, India which had been mauled by a dog was saved by primary school children who had just been given lessons in donkey care by the Sidmouth-based Donkey Sanctuary team in India.

    Finding the stricken foal outside the gates of their school they took the animal into the school playground and persuaded the head teacher to call the sanctuary’s clinic in Solapur, south east India.

    Spokesperson for the charity, Amanda Gordon, said: “It’s thanks to the children of Nain primary school that our team were able to give this poor little foal the treatment that it needed. Our vet was able to treat the foal’s wound which had gone septic.”

    The Donkey Sanctuary, which currently works in 18 countries from Egypt to Mexico, has been working in India since 1998 and provides over 20,000 free veterinary treatments to working donkeys each year.

    Amanda said: “Our teams regularly visit schools to teach children about the basic welfare needs of a donkey such as giving it food, water, shade, not to beat the donkey and to call us if they see any in distress. It just shows the children learn a great deal from our visits.”

    Due to a brand mark, mother and foal were reunited with their owner.


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