Donkey attacked with a spade in India

  • The Donkey Sanctuary has recently been called on to attend to a donkey viciously attacked with a spade.

    Migrant donkey owner Pushpinder from Delhi, India, contacted Dr Surajit Nath of The Donkey Sanctuary’s Delhi veterinary team to report the horrific injuries to his donkey following the cruel attack.

    The donkey had strayed into a neighbouring farmer’s field and was hit on the head with a spade by the farmer, resulting in a brutal wound to the forehead.

    Upon his visit, Dr Nath reported that the donkey was bleeding profusely from a large gaping wound.

    The team administered painkillers and the donkey was sedated, before the wound was cleaned and stitched up. The donkey was carefully monitored and the wound kept clean and protected.

    Within three weeks the injury had healed and the donkey is now happily back at work.

    PR officer Suzi Cretney, of The Donkey Sanctuary said: “Without the support of The Donkey Sanctuary’s Delhi veterinary team, Pushpinder would not have been able to treat his donkey, jeopardising both his income and the donkey’s life.

    “The donkey is now back at work and Pushpinder will be more vigilant in the future about keeping his donkey away from neighbouring farmer’s fields.”

    The Donkey Sanctuary, which aims to protect the welfare of donkeys and mules around the world, has been working in India since 1998, where the estimated population of donkeys is 1.85 million.

    The India team works from five centres in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Gwalior, Sikar and Solapur, and relies on donations to keep up the work.

    For more information visit www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk

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