Dogs get the water treatment

  • A hydrotherapy pool centre for dogs in Somerset has installed what is believed to be Britain’s first underwater treadmill

    Amerco Canine Hydrotherapy in Somerset has installed what itsays is the first “water walker” for dogs in this country.

    The underwater treadmill is used in the rehabilitation of dogs while recovering from severe injury or illness.

    Owner of the centre, Rod Hunt, said: “Dogs have treatment in the hydrotherapy pool to learn to walk again, but it can be a big step from that where the dog doesn’t have to bear its own weight to dry land.

    “The beauty of the water walker is that it can start to help a dog bear its own weight and maintain its own balance.

    “As the dog’s health improves, more water can be let out of the tank.”The treadmill is computer controlled so it can run at speeds from 0.5mph to 8 mph.

    Ron says most dogs take to the treadmill very well. “Some are a bit reticent at first when the belt starts moving, but they soon adapt and they do have their owners with them to comfort them.

    Visit: www.amberco.canine-centres.co.uk

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