Do you want to star on TV?

  • Are you about to give upor just given up a steady job to start a business involving horses?

    Television production company Ricochet South would like to hear from people willing to take part in a new Channel 4 “reality” programme.

    The series will follow a similar format to the recent No Going Back series where cameras followed people who had sold up their homes in the UK and were starting a business abroad.

    “Filming will hopefully start from when the decision to start the business is made,”says Morgan Jones Ricochet South. “We will then follow the people chosen for a year, experiencing their ups and downs, trials and tribulations and hopefully their successes, too.

    Ricochet is looking for people who have decided to opt for a new life around horses. It could be you are giving up a lucrative career to start or take over a riding school, livery yard, tack shop. You may have decided to turn professional in your chosen discipline of dressage, show jumping or eventing. Anyone thinking about training racehorses for a living should also get in touch.

    “We are always on the look out for interesting stories and ideas,” says Morgan. “If someone is not suitable for this series, it may be we can use them at a later date for something else.”

    The five-part series, due to be screened next year, will also feature people in shops and restaurants whose lives have changed direction.

    If you believe you may fit the bill contact to Morgan Jones, Dan Gilbert or Dave Mackay (tel: 01273 648396) or email: development@ricochetsouth.co.uk

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