Devastated owners offer reward

The owners of four horses stolen from a field near Peterborough are offering a substantial reward for information that leads to their safe return.

The horses were taken from their field in Ailsworth sometime between midnight and 6.30am on Thursday, 12 June. It is thought that the thieves led the animals out of their field and down a footpath onto a quiet lane, where they were loaded into a lorry or trailer and driven away.

One of the owners, Jane Rutter, is so devastated by her beloved Cracker’s disappearance that she feels unable to speak to HHO personally, but her husband Martin says: “We are more than happy to offer a substantial reward for information that leads to the return of Cracker.”

Cracker (pictured above) is described as a 14 year-old 15.2hh palominogelding with four white socks and a white blaze. He comes when called and has a habit of picking up and swinging around empty feedbuckets.

Equally desperate for news is Pauline Barnes, owner of cob Millie. “Millie is a very anxious mare and after owning her for two years she had just started to settle in and relax. I have waited my whole life to get a horse and I desperately want her back.”

Millie is a 12-year-old, 15.1hh cob cross bay mare with the frezemark 6DP8. She has a walleye on her right side, a wide white blaze and four white socks. She is described as quite a nervy mare that can be anxious in strange situations, hates her legs being clipped and is a very bad traveller.

The other two horses stolen were Rosie, a 10-year-old 17hh bay shire mare with a white face and three white socks and Dizzy, a four-year-old 13.2hh bay Welsh sec C mare.

Pat Lawson, Lincolnshire Horsewatch co-ordinator says: “These are very distinctive horses who are allmuch loved members of the family. Horsewatch urges everyone to be on the lookout for these animals to maximise the chance of them being returned to the rightful owners.”

Anyone with any information is urged to contact Horsewatch tel: (07941 970879) or Crimestoppers (tel: 0800 555111).

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