‘The cutest little lifesavers’: Shetland ponies come to the rescue

  • A fun video titled “the cutest little lifesavers” has amassed more than 76,000 views online.

    The film, created by Devon-based trainer Emma Massingale, shows Shetland ponies Albert and Ernie showing off their first aid skills.

    Albert and Ernie can be seen coming to the rescue of Emma’s “collapsed” fiancé Jeremy, complete with blue-flashing lights and full first aid kits, ready to perform their lifesaving duties.

    Emma told H&H: “I’ve done quite a few videos now with Albert and Ernie. They’re funny little ponies to work with. They are really clever but can be quite cheeky as well. Jeremy used to be a professional event rider and trainer, he now is in charge of the camera work… except when I need a body!”

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    “The videos are a really fun way of inspiring people with ponies and showing how clever and intelligent they can be but also with a nice little message. The message for this video is first aid and safety and the importance of welfare for horse and rider but shown in a fun way.”

    Ernie undertakes CPR on Jeremy, while Albert can be seen helping bandage Connemara Echo.

    “I love training horses, that’s my thing,” said Emma “You teach them how to do something and they make it into their own and take hold of what you taught them and do it really well, it’s really cool.”

    Emma says training is a “lifestyle” for the ponies.

    “Once horses are able to learn things, it’s easier to teach them something else. Because Albert and Ernie have learnt lots of different skills they are able to interpret things really quickly and know how to learn,” she said.

    “They’re taught with my voice so Ernie is doing the CPR from my voice cues — I’m telling him ‘hop-hop’ for getting on and off Jeremy’s chest and ‘kiss’ to perform the lifesaving kiss.”

    Jeremy told H&H: “Ernie is a very clever little pony. They have done different videos now from sailing in boats to sitting in a hot tub and now CPR. I just hope Emma thinks of some more ideas where I can stay in charge of the camera.”

    Albert and Ernie will be starring in future videos between now and Christmas.

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