Cowboys ride for charity

  • More than 250 cowboys are expected to join a trail ride across the United States to raise money for America’s underprivileged children

    A group of cowboys is planning to ride1,900 miles from Alabama in the east of the US to Utah in the west to help the country’s poor children.

    The trip, which starts on 26 April, is expected to take 90 days.

    Organiser, Richard Fipps, said: “As far as I know it will be the first cross country ride across the United States in modern history.”

    Richard, who owns a 2700-acre ranch in Alabama, will be one of four riders to make the entire trip.

    “I’ll be taking four horses, ” he said. “Two of them are green, so I want to put miles on them.”

    “I don’t know about everybody else but I’ll be sleeping under the stars for the whole trip.”

    He says he’s hoping the ride will raise $200,000 to $300,000.

    Child poverty is a very serious problem here – mainly because of unemployment in families.

    “People often raise money for other countries while kids in this country get overlooked.”

    If you want to donate money or follow the trail ride on theweb visit: www.ridingforthechildren.org

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