Country store J&W Attlee announces expansion plans in Dorking

  • A centuries old country and equestrian store in Dorking has big plans to expand.

    Rural retailer J&W Attlee Ltd opened in Dorking, Surrey, over 221 years ago. The company has now entered into a joint venture with neighbouring landowners, Mole Valley District Council and Blueland (MV) LLP, to redevelop its existing site in Station Road.

    J&W Attlee was started in 1788 producing flour for bakers and animal feed for livestock farmers. Nowadays, Attlees Country Store is still an integral part of the local community, and has grown to supply a wide range of feed and products for small animals, horses and the farming sector.

    “Attlees”, as the company is known locally, has applied for planning permission to build new premises that would enable it to expand its retail capacity, as well as improve access and the currently limited parking.

    “This is conditional on our relocation to a suitable site where our staff can continue to serve the needs of the local economy and community for another 221 years,” explained Patrick Walker, chairman of Lillico Attlee, J&W Attlee.

    Mr Walker said the company plans to complete the project within three to five years.

    “We have always served the needs of the local land-based economy and community, and have survived at least four agricultural depressions,” he said.

    “Our vision is that Attlee’s Country Store will become a destination shopping venue, offering much larger, more comprehensive facilities.”

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