Cleveland Bay owners urged to raise awareness of the breed

  • Owners of Cleveland Bays are being urged to ride their horse on Sunday 9 September as part of a plan to raise awareness of the breed.

    The Cleveland Bay is on the Rare Breed Survival Trust critical list with only 33 foals registered last year.

    And riders are encouraged to raise money to help the breed, through sponsorship.

    “The Cleveland Bay is not just a driving horse, it makes a superb riding horse especially for the recreational or riding club rider,” said a spokesman for the society. “And their calm temperament, ground covering paces and great stamina make it a talented hunter or endurance horse.”

    All riders can also submit a photograph taken on the day and submit these to the Cleveland Bay Horse Society photo competition.

    For more information visit: www.clevelandbay.com or email info@clevelandbays.co.uk

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