Walking stick specialist Classic Canes has announced sponsorship of West Country-based para rider Edward Chanin.

Former show jumper and jockey Chanin, 27, suffered serious head and back injuries from a schooling fall in 2001, leaving his right side paralysed. He has since become a competitive dressage rider.

Chanin is classed as a Grade Two paradressage rider. Competing on his horse Rhadamanthus, a 16.3hh Hanoverian gelding, he hopes to win a place on the national team.

“I am very pleased to be sponsored by Classic Canes” says Chanin “I now have a wonderful choice of walking sticks, including rustic thumbsticks for everyday use, folding seat sticks for use at competitions and a smart, chrome horse’s head cane for evening events.”

Charlotte Gillan, Managing Partner at Classic Canes, says: “Edward needs a stick to walk, so we are delighted to have supplied him with a wardrobe of sticks as well as financial support or other equipment.”

You can follow Chanin’s progress at events on www.classiccanes.co.uk from Tuesday 8 June.