Dear Readers,

A short Christmas offering from the Editor — in verse!

Wishing you a very happy Christmas,

Lucy Higginson

A Christmas toast from Horse & Hound

This winter’s left us stranded
Short of fun with hound and horse
And to be completely candid
Our Christmas smiles may look forced

But though the work’s outweighed the pleasure
For the past few weeks at least
Let’s take a broader measure
As we all sit down to feast

And as we toast the Christmas season
Over puds and brandy sauce
Let’s remember one more reason
We’d hate to be without the horse

Tomorrow we will see him
At meets throughout the land
Snorting, fresh, coat gleaming,
Mane plaited, looking grand

And can anyone in England name a better sight
Than a crowd, a pack, a huntsman, and a hunter’s eye so bright?