Check out Geoff Billington’s ‘Superman’ lorry

  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

    No, it’s most likely just showjumping’s very own superhero Geoff Billington soaring down the motorway in his new set of wheels.

    This fantastic two-horse lorry has just been delivered to the Billington stables, so give Geoff a wave if you pass him on the roads — you certainly can’t miss him.

    “I haven’t actually driven it yet but I expect there will be a few tooting horns when I do,” Geoff told H&H.

    The picture of Geoff in full flight dressed as Superman was originally taken a couple of years ago to help promote one of the shows at the famous Magna Racino show centre, just outside Vienna, in Austria.

    “I was front page of one of the newspapers over there!” he said.

    “I was looking for a new lorry and was talking to Alex [Brimelow, of Alexanders Horseboxes, who made and designed the lorry for Geoff]. I said I wanted it to stand out a bit and we came up with the idea of using that picture.”

    The team at the North Yorkshire horsebox company did the rest of the artwork and, with a patriotic touch, we reckon this is the perfect lorry for action man Geoff.

    Geoff is no stranger to wearing his pants on the outside, however. His fancy dress antics at some of the big shows over the years are legendary and the 60-year-old Olympic showjumper was a huge hit with the crowds at Bolesworth International last year when he jumped as another of his alter-egos, Bananaman.

    So will we be seeing him back in superhero mode any time soon?

    “I keep the costume strictly for the bedroom now,” he said cheekily.

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