Carriages descend on Ardingly for London Harness Horse Parade

  • More than 100 horse-drawn carriages will be out in force at Ardingly on Easter Sunday.

    The London Harness Horse Parade takes place on Easter Sunday for the third year running at the South of England Centre.

    The popular event attracts more than 100 horse-drawn carriages with a variety of rosettes being awarded in 16 classes before all entrants — ranging from Shetlands to Shires — parade around the ground at Ardingly, in West Sussex.

    The parade was based in London for more than a century, but was moved three years ago when organising constraints and the difficulties of organising an ever-growing event in the capital forced organisers to take the decision to relocate.

    Parade director Anthony Peacock said: “The South of England Centre offers many advantages to us and we are still able to conduct the parade in the same format as it has been run for years.

    “The move out of London has been a painful break from tradition, but the facilities and helpfulness of the centre’s staff has enabled us to continue to run a successful parade.”

    The parade in its present form is an amalgamation of two others — the London Cart Horse Parade, which was founded in 1885, and the London Van Horse Parade, which was set up in 1904.

    Its main objectives of the parade society are to improve the general treatment, conditions and management of horses, ponies and donkeys and to encourage people using these animals for transport to take interest in their wellbeing and show them kindness.

    For more information visit: www.lhhp.co.uk

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