‘We can’t rest until we find her’: owners’ heartbreak over stolen foal

  • The owners of a weeks-old foal stolen from her dam say they will not rest until they find out what happened to her.

    Charlotte Turner’s boyfriend Adam noticed seven-week-old filly Titch was missing from a field in Pilsworth, Greater Manchester, at around 9am on Saturday (7 September).

    Charlotte’s mum Jeanette told H&H the foal was last seen the previous afternoon with her dam, part-bred Shetland Bella.

    “Adam rang me to say Titch was gone and I went to the field to look for her. We noticed tyre tracks leading to the gate which we think must have been a 4X4,” she said.

    “We reported her missing to the police and we’ve gone to the field every day to search for her since. It’s like she’s disappeared off the face of the earth.”

    Jeannete said Bella is distressed without her foal.

    “Bella is with four other horses but there’s nothing we can do for her. If Titch had escaped we would have heard them calling to each other, or if she had died we would have found her,” she said.

    “Charlotte is very upset, it’s heartbreaking. We can’t rest until we find her – it would almost be better if we found her dead because at least we would have closure. It’s frightening as if someone inexperienced has her she’ll die if she isn’t being cared for and she isn’t getting her mum’s milk.”

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    Jeanette has spoken to local radio and newspapers and Charlotte has posted about Titch on social media.

    “It’s been all over the news and our Facebook post has been shared more than 40,000 times. Someone must know something,” said Jeanette.

    “If someone has her we ask they put her somewhere safe so we can find her. The longer it goes on we’re losing hope.”

    A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said the case was closed due to no lines of enquiries.

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