Burglars ransack horse shop warehouse

  • Riders are urged to be on their guard if they spot cut-price clothing, after burglars ransacked the warehouse of online retailers Fuller Fillies.

    The online clothing store lost large quantities of stock during the raid of its West Yorkshire warehouse on Monday (12 January).

    Suzanne Wild, founder and managing director of Fuller Fillies, said the thieves took all the riding boots, most of the jodhpurs and breeches in the current range as well as clothing from some of the older lines.

    “They also took a lot of the working samples which are unfinished so if people buy them on eBay they will be sorely disappointed,” Mrs Wild told H&H.

    Thieves took off the alarm boxes and put them in buckets of water. They then sawed through a metal door to get into the stock room.

    “We’re like Fort Knox, but the burglars came well prepared. They are too sophisticated to be local,” Mrs Wild added.

    The burglary was discovered on Monday morning when staff arrived to open up the premises.

    Neighbours had alerted the police who were at the scene when Fuller Fillies’ staff arrived.

    The stolen stock is expected to become available on eBay and other internet auction sites “very shortly.”

    “We don’t allow our stockists to sell on eBay so any quantities of stock on eBay or other sites is likely to be a result of this burglary,” said Mrs Wild.

    The company’s new stock is expected shortly so ongoing orders are not affected by the theft.

    “Luckily we are insured and are planning a relaunch with new lines in mid-April,” said Mrs Wild.

    Anyone with information should contact suzhome@fuller-fillies.co.uk and the police on 101.

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