Broadcaster apologises after filmed fall causes death of horse

  • A broadcasting company has apologised to “viewers and those who love animals” for the death of a horse being used in filming.

    The Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) has issued a statement in relation to the incident on 2 November, during filming of a fall, to be aired as part of The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won.

    In video shared online by Korea Animal Rights Advocates, the horse can be seen cantering through a wood and falling heavily. A rope or harness can clearly be seen in the video, seemingly attached to the horse and a tree.

    Warning: distressing video

    KBS said it took responsibility for the “accident”.

    “It is very difficult to film a fall from a horse,” the statement said. “The horse’s safety is fundamental, and we also have to consider the safety of the actor on the horse and the safety of the crew members filming the scene. Because of this, the production staff spent several days preparing for the scene in order to prevent any accidents from potentially occurring.

    “Despite this preparation, during the actual filming, an accident occurred in which the actor was thrown hard from the horse and the horse’s upper body struck the ground with great force. After the accident, the horse got up under its own power, and we checked to see that it had no external injuries before returning it. However, as viewers recently began to express concern for the horse’s current condition, we checked the horse’s condition again, and we regret to say that the horse died about a week after the filming occurred.”

    KBS said it took the “unfortunate incident” very seriously.

    “We apologise to the viewers for not preventing this accident and causing such an unfortunate event,” it said.

    “Through this accident, KBS recognizes that there is a problem with the way that scenes of falling from a horse are filmed. In order to prevent such an incident from occurring again, we will find another way to film and portray these scenes. We will also cooperate with the advice of experts on how filming of various kinds can be safely conducted with animals on set.

    “We sincerely apologise once again to the viewers and those who love animals.”

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