British riders for 2011-13 World Class squad revealed

  • Eventer David Doel told H&H he is “honoured” to be among 52 promising young riders selected for the 2011-13 British Equestrian Federation (BEF) World Class programme.

    “I’m really excited — it will not only help in the short-term as I aim for the junior team again, but the funding for training will also help me to further my knowledge and to understand my horses better as I move up the ladder,” said the 17-year-old.

    Funded by UK Sport, the development programme works with talented riders to “maximise their potential and deliver success”.

    Twenty-one riders are new to the squad, including 31-year-old Hannah Biggs, who is on the dressage potential team.

    “I’m thrilled,” she told H&H. “It was quite a tough process, but it was worth it. It will be brilliant to work with and get feedback from a top team.”

    And showjumper Jemma Kirk, 22, is back on the programme after a two-year absence.

    “It great to be back and have the support from the top vets, farrier, nutritionist and coaches,” she said.

    Riders will be on the squad for two years, with six-monthly reviews.

    Top trainers including Yogi Breisner, Clare Whitaker and Stephen Clarke were involved in the selection process, in which competition record, trainability, fitness and horsepower are taken into account.

    “The system has provided the ideal platform through which to identify and nurture our top riders and those coming through in the sport,” said a BEF spokesman.

    “It’s great to see several riders reselected on to the development programme as well as some new faces who have been making a name for themselves in competition through 2010.”

    Will Connell, World Class performance director, added: “The selection process was carried on over a longer period of time, allowing applicants to be viewed ‘in competition’. The standard of rider applying was higher than ever and the selectors had a difficult job.

    “That’s excellent news for us as a nation as it reflects the wealth of talent we have.”


    • Hannah Biggs (Dorset)
    • Nikki Crisp (London)
    • Michael Eilberg (Worcestershire)
    • Gemma Green (Wiltshire)
    • Bobby Hayler (Essex)
    • Charlie Hutton (Gloucestershire)
    • Olivia Oakeley (Wiltshire)
    • Anne-Marie Perry (County Durham)
    • Amy Stovold (West Sussex)
    • Samantha Thurman-Baker (Oxon)


    • Emily Baldwin (Kent)
    • Laura Collett (Wiltshire)
    • David Doel (Wiltshire)
    • Harry Dzenis (Surrey)
    • Talia Laghzoui (Oxon)
    • Emily Llewellyn (East Sussex)
    • Tom McEwen (Wiltshire)
    • Harry Meade (Wiltshire)
    • Chloe Newton (Leicestershire)
    • Willa Newton (Leicestershire)
    • Emily Parker (Lincolnshire)
    • Tim Rogers (Devon)
    • Eliza Stoddart (Leicestershire)
    • Gemma Tattersall (West Sussex)


    • Alison Barton (West Yorkshire)
    • Scott Brash (Scotland)
    • Joseph Clayton (West Yorkshire)
    • Simon Crippen (Buckinghamshire)
    • Joe Davison (Staffordshire)
    • Jessie Drea (West Sussex)
    • Samuel Hutton (Southampton)
    • Jemma Kirk (Scotland)
    • Daniel Moseley (Nottinghamshire)
    • Daniel Nielson (Essex)
    • Tim Page (Suffolk)
    • Gemma Paternoster (Surrey)
    • Matthew Sampson (Sheffield)
    • Louise Saywell (Nottinghamshire)
    • Jason Smith (Scotland)
    • Abbie Squires (Hertfordshire)
    • George Whitaker (West Yorkshire)
    • William Whitaker (West Yorkshire)

    Para-equestrian Dressage

    • Rosie Andrews (Surrey)
    • Natasha Adkinson (South Yorkshire)
    • Natasha Baker (Middlesex)
    • Edward Chanin (Devon)
    • Emma Kent (Kent)
    • Alex McNamara (Lincolnshire)
    • Erin Orford (Buckinghamshire)
    • Natalie Povey (Wales)
    • Alex Sutton (Wiltshire)
    • Georgia Wilson (Wales)

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