British Eventing to ‘simplify’ BE80(T) entries for next season

  • British Eventing (BE) is ‘simplifying’ its entry system for riders competing in BE80(T) classes next season. The training passes introduced in 2010 are being phased out and replaced with a horse day pass costing £16 per entry from 1 January.

    Full, day pass and support membership types are eligible to buy horse day passes to compete in an unlimited number of BE80(T) classes. All owner memberships can also buy the horse day passes, but riders will need either a day pass, supporter or full  membership to compete.

    Riders can compete in an unlimited number of BE80(T) classes using horse day passes.

    Wendy McGowan, BE’s chief operating officer told H&H: “This change was part of our simplification of the sport and trying to reduce the various training/day pass options for members, especially those who are new to British Eventing or starting out in the sport.

    “We found that members were often confused as to which passes they required at the varying levels. This does mean that there is an increase of £1 compared to training passes, however we feel that this still offers brilliant value for money given the level of coach support that is available to competitors taking part in BE80(T) competitions.”

    Day pass and support members wanting to compete at BE90 up to intermediate level using day passes will need to buy both a rider day pass costing £16 and a horse day pass to enter. If both passes are bought together in the same transaction online the cost is £25 instead of £32.

    A maximum of four rider day passes can be purchased in a season.

    BE full members with horses that do not have a horse season ticket can compete from BE80(T) to intermediate novice level by purchasing a horse day pass for each entry.

    They do not need to buy a rider day pass and there are no restrictions for full members on the number of horses they can compete each season.

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    On 1 January day pass membership is going up from £10 to £15 a year.

    Four-year-old horses can only compete in specific BE90 4YO classes or BE80(T) classes on day passes.

    Riders buying day passes are given a unique number, which is all that is needed to make an entry. There are no physical passes issued. The number is emailed and will be able to be seen on the My Details page on the membership area of the BE website.

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