Bringing the chariot into the 21st Century

  • Adults can now exercise their children’s tiny ponies, thanks to a new driving vehicle invented by Simon Mulholland.

    The Saddlechariot is inspired by the traditional chariot but features a saddle, so the driver “rides” the chariot rather than sitting in a traditional carriage.

    Simon designed the Saddlechariot to help his daughters keep their tiny pony, Henry, exercised.

    Simon describes it as “a very easy vehicle for beginners to drive.” He does emphasise, however, that it doesn’t make the pony any easier to drive and encourages users to ensure their pony has been prepared for driving before using the Saddlechariot.

    The Saddlechariot is available in a large version, which will carry two adults riding pillion or a smaller model that is suitable for two children or an adult and a child.

    Contact Simon Mulholland (tel:01206 303615)

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