Police horse undergoes emergency surgery

  • A police horse called Trojan has undergone a second operation after a life-threatening tooth and sinus infection.

    The former Essex police horse was first taken to the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in September where he was treated for tooth spurs, cracked teeth and a severe sinus infection.

    He returned to The Horse Trust, where he lives in retirement, in September but despite strong antibiotics post surgery the infection returned.  He was readmitted to the RVC for another cracked tooth to be removed and to have a sinoscupy to drain his left sinus

    “Trojan’s surgery was long, but essential, and this bold horse took everything in his stride as he always does,” said a spokesman from the Horse Trust.

    A few days after the initial surgery vets operated again to remove some tooth fragments on the right side of his mouth.

    Trojan has is now back at The Horse Trust in Buckinghamshire where he has been seen by a vet, who is happy with his progress so far.

    “Despite everything that Trojan has been through, nothing seems to phase him. Aside from the wounds on his face, looking at him today, you would hardly notice there was anything wrong at all,” the spokesman added.

    Trojan was retired to The Horse Trust in January following the closure of the Essex Police Mounted Section.

    To make a donation towards Trojan’s care, visit www.horsetrust.org.uk

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