Bransby Home of Rest for Horses reopens to the public

  • Bransby Home of Rest for Horses has reopened to the public after being closed for more than two years due to a strangles outbreak.

    The Lincolnshire-based centre closed in August 2006 after the potentially fatal illness swept through their animals.

    Bransby worked closely with the Animal Health Trust during the outbreak, swabbing and bloodtesting all of their 285 horse. They were finally declared free from the contagious disease at the end of September.

    And the centre’s open day on the last weekend in September was a great successful attracting several hundred visitors.

    Chief executive of Bransby, Peter Hunt, said: “We are finally on top of the outbreak.

    “I would encourage anyone who cares about horses to support Breaking the Strangles Hold [a joint campaign between the Animal Health Trust and British Horse Society to create a vaccine and fight the disease] to prevent suffering and hardship on the scale that we have seen at Bransby.”

    Visit www.strangles.org

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