“Braideez” make plaiting your horse’s mane easier

  • An American product has been launched in the UK designed to make plaiting your horse easier.

    Braideez” are made from re-usable plastic coated wire strands, which dispel the need for rubber bands and sewing.

    They can be plaited in with the horse’s mane and used to fold-up and secure the plait.

    “Because the wire helps give the plaits substance, you can squish and squash the them into your desired shape, from tiny, tight plaits through to big ‘Anky Style’ dressage ones” said a spokesman for the company.

    “Where as sewing and elastic bands can break or damage the hair over time, Braideez allow you to remove the wire without pulling hair out, making it ideal for competition horses or horses with very little mane.”

    Braideez are available in brown, black, white and a multi-coloured “party pack”.

    They cost £8 for 25 wires.

    For more information visit www.shawdowhorse.co.uk

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