Boy caught throwing stone at pony poo-picks as apology

  • A boy who hurled a stone at a veteran pony and another who filmed the act have met the animal and his owner “to better understand the upset they caused”.

    The video was uploaded to social media site Snapchat and a client from Bourton Vale Equestrian Centre recognised veteran riding school pony Robin in the clip.

    Footage was shared with Leanne Launchbury, the owner of the riding school, and she shared it on Facebook to try and trace the children involved.

    The youths were identified and police were informed, after which officers spoke to the children and their families.

    Both children have since apologised to Ms Launchbury and volunteered at the Cheltenham riding school.

    “It is a horrible thing — Robin is nearly 30,” Ms Launchbury told H&H.

    “They did come and apologise and do an hour of poo-picking.

    “They also met Robin and we tried to explain that he is old and has done nothing to deserve this.

    “I’m upset more hasn’t been done but police can’t make them do anything now, they could only suggest that they [help out] as a gesture of goodwill.

    “It is good that they were stopped and I don’t think they will do it again.”

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    Ms Launchbury said she was pleased at the support the riding school has received following the incident and that Robin is now ”fine”.

    PC Nick Westmacott from the Gloucestershire police wildlife crime unit added: “I’ve completed a restorative justice resolution with the youth who threw the stone, and the one who filmed it.

    “In line with the stable owner’s wishes, the two youths have apologised for their actions and have now met the pony involved and have offered to give up their free time and volunteer to help out at the stables, to better understand the welfare of horses and the upset this has caused the stable owner.”

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