Bonfire night: warning to owners following horse’s death

  • Owners are being warned to take extra care around bonfire night following the death of a horse last year.

    Fourteen-year-old thoroughbred mare Cinders was found unable to walk early on Sunday 2 November 2014 at Redwings’ Ada Cole visitor centre near Harlow in Essex.

    The fields at the sanctuary were churned up after a nearby fireworks party held on the Saturday night had spooked horses, causing them to gallop about.

    The charity called a vet to treat Cinders’ lameness but X-rays showed that she had partially dislocated the joint inside her hoof.

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    The damage was so severe the Redwings veterinary team had to put Cinders down.

    The 15hh chestnut mare was due to spend the rest of her life at Redwings after being found emaciated and struggling to feed her foal in 2006.

    Redwings is urging anyone holding a display to give local horse owners plenty of warning.

    “We would like to remind anyone who is planning a fireworks display, however small, to think about horses in their local area.

    “Letting horse owners know well in advance where and when fireworks are gong to be let off will enable them to plan and take action if needed,” advises Redwings’ education officer Andie Vilela.

    “Keep fireworks as far from animals as possible and direct them away from fields and stables. Horses’ hearing is more sensitive than a human’s and noises that are loud to us can be unbearable and terrifying to them.”

    Owners are advised to check their local area for publicised events and find the best way to keep their animals safe.

    Leaving a radio on or near the stable can help mask noise.

    Fields should be checked to ensure they are hazard free for galloping horses.

    In some cases owners may even consider moving their horse to alternative accommodation or arranging for a mild sedation.

    “Every year tragic incidents occur and the cost, both emotional and financial, can be immense,” added Ms Vilela.

    For more information on helping horses cope with fireworks, click here.

    Any incidents of horses being adversely affected by fireworks should be reported to the BHS at www.horseaccidents.org.uk

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