Young showjumper’s family publish book in her memory

  • The family of a 12-year-old girl who died in a tragic horse-related accident has released a book of her writing in her memory.

    Billie Kinder died on 29 May in an accident while she was leading a horse back to his stable.

    The Australian, described by Equestrian New South Wales chief executive Bruce Farrar as “one of our best young riders”, was a talented showjumper.

    Among her achievements were winning the 2015 New South Wales State Interschool Primary Showjumping Championship and Overall Primary School Champion Rider titles.

    She was also a member of Sydney Showjumping Club and volunteered with the Riding for the Disabled Association.

    In honour of her wish to write a book, her family has put together poems, stories and artwork by Billie into a collection titled Hope, with the aim of giving hope and inspiration to others.

    Billie KinderThe prologue features a tribute to Billie from her family.

    “Billie was an extraordinary young girl in that she had the gift of giving,” it reads.

    “She gave to everyone she met and managed to touch even those she didn’t.

    “She had an unbelievable way of helping and inspiring other children.

    “She gave through her smile, her touch, her thoughtfulness, her random acts of kindness and her amazing gifts of work.”

    The book is split into six categories — family, powerlessness, injustice, naivety, dreams and hope — and also features some of her favourite quotes and tributes from friends and teachers.

    One of the poems included in the book is titled Black Out, which Billie wrote in response to other tragic horse-related deaths.

    The theme of hope runs through the moving book, which ends with the title poem.

    “But even if there’s darkness, there can be light./ Something’s different, I’ll tell you why/ People have given up hope/ they’ve found there’s no point in living/ but there is, oh there is, there is a point,/ if you make one,” it concludes.

    All funds from the book, which has now sold more than 1,200 copies worldwide, will go to The Billie Foundation to support mistreated animals and sick children.

    For more information and to buy a copy of the book, visit: www.flyhighbillie.com

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