BEF’s recommendations on outbreak

  • Following consultation with MAFF, the BEF has met with the chief executives of the BEF Member bodies who agree that the sport and recreational horse world should take a common sense approach to the foot and mouth disease crisis.

    “The disease is caused by a highly infectious virus easily transported by humans, vehicles and horseboxes and therefore the BEF strongly recommends that all sporting and recreational riding activities in any MAFF designated “Infected Area”, (the current one being within a 10 kilometre radius of Brentwood), is curtailed for the time being.”

    The BEF also urges owners not to take horses into or near any “Infected Area” whether ridden or by transport.

    While horses are not susceptible to infection by foot and mouth disease, they may be involved in spreading infection by carrying the disease or by causing other animals to be driven from their home areas carrying infection with them.

    Andrew Finding, Chief Executive of BEF, added “It is essential that we play our part in supporting MAFF and the farming community in controlling and preventing the spread of Foot and Mouth Disease. We ask that everyone in the horse world also helps by following the guidelines published by MAFF”

    For more information visit: www.maff.gov.uk

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