BEF looks to the future

  • The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) is devising a strategy to bring future British equestrian teams back to the top of the international tree.

    The BEF’s plans are likely to focus on setting up a number of “centres of excellence” where top class training and competitions can be held. These centres would be able to hold international events, providing British teams with the opportunity to compete against the best riders in Europe without leaving the country.

    The BEF may also look at providing incentives to ensure that owners and breeders keep the best British-bred horses at home, rather than selling them overseas.

    Other areas which are expected to be addressed include developing talent in riders who have the potential to compete at international level in the future, as well as providing support for competitors who are aiming at the next Olympics.

    The funding for these plans is presently under discussion, although the BEF did receive £1.6 million from UK sport earlier this year to help improve the British squad in the run up to the next Olympics.

    For an in-depth report on the role of the BEF’s and its plans for the future see Horse & Hound issue dated 19 July 2001.

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