British Dressage gives ‘bling’ riding boots the thumbs up

  • Dressage riders are now permitted to wear a wider range of horse riding boots when competing.

    At British Dressage’s (BD) latest rules and fixtures committee meeting (7 March), the team looked at a wide range of boots. Some met with the current rules and others did not.

    Following the meeting, a rule change was put in place to relax the organisation’s boot rules.

    “The committee was in agreement that what people wear on their feet has no bearing on their performance and regardless of personal taste that all the boots that were reviewed were acceptable,” said a BD spokesman.

    “The committee therefore put forward a proposed rule change to the board to simply allow boots suitable for riding in to be worn, regardless of pattern and features, however keeping in line with the wording of the jacket and hat rule referring to conservative colours in muted tones.”

    Each week the BD office receives numerous enquiries as to whether certain riding boots are permitted, with issues from style and colour to pattern and detailing.

    “The equestrian market is flooded with a huge variety of boots in various styles which given the opportunity, members would like to wear,” added the spokesman.

    “We are delighted to share that the board have approved the change as of immediate effect.”

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    The organisation has also clarified its rules surrounding spurs, following confusion among members as which styles are permitted and which are not, particularly in relation to rowelled and rollerball styles.

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