And the survey says — dogs just love rolling in fox poo

  • Hunting foxes may have been made illegal, but it seems no one has found a way to reduce a hound’s fascination with them.

    According to a survey on the most common “dog odour issues” by ByoFresh — a firm that makes canine deodorising shampoos, sprays and wipes — dogs adore rolling in fox poo.

    Almost 60% of Dogs Today readers surveyed cited fox mess as a problem.

    “We hear regularly from owners looking for advice on cleaning dogs who roll in all kinds of revolting substances from dead fish to dead sheep, but fox poop is definitely the biggest problem,” said ByoFresh chief executive Paul Foden.

    A common theory as to why dogs roll in muck is that it stems from the fact they naturally hunt in packs, and would instinctively disguise their own scent to prevent their prey from smelling their approach.

    Other problem pongs highlighted by the survey include wet dog (89%), a dirty bottom (42%) and urine (19%).

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (25 March, ’10)

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